Utility and Tiered Staking program

$GENSX token is only a utility token, therefore it is not used for any transaction payments. $GENSX tokens don’t have any claim rights against an issuer and thus, are not asset tokens. However, $GENSX holders can choose to stake their $GENSX in the Genius X Staking Center to earn extra rewards and platform benefits.


The $GENSX token can be staked in the Genius Staking Center in order to receive Staking Rewards APY from the distribution of a portion of the fees from two sources:
  1. 1.
    20% of the Genius X Launchpad fees rewarded in $GENSX.
  2. 2.
    20% of Genius X project tokens earned by the Genius X accelerator rewarded in that project’s native token*, spread out equally over 80 epochs.
*Genius X Accelerator Program earns no more than 5% of a project's native token. Only utility tokens will be part of the redistribution program.
Other benefits of staking include:
  • Governance — voting power in Genius X Improvement Proposals (GIP)
  • Unlock Genius X NFTs
  • Access to Genius X Launchpad sales (If the user is not from an excluded country)
  • Participation in the lottery to have a chance to win a powerful NFT.