The Partners


Tweag is a software innovation lab that offers its deep knowledge and experience in Haskell and Plutus engineering. They will provide Plutus auditing services to Genius X projects.
Tweag specializes in building high-assurance software for fintech companies, from pioneering blockchain startups to large global entities in biotech and self-driving cars. Their services are highly acclaimed and acknowledged by high-profile clients such as Input Output Global (IOG), the developers of Cardano.


MLabs is a software development consultancy specializing in Haskell, Rust, Blockchain, and AI consultancy. Most of their work is in Haskell and Rust, in the blockchain, fintech, and payments sectors. They will provide Plutus Smart Contract development support for Genius X projects. They develop projects from start to finish or compliment existing teams including full stack and development work that is required on an individual case basis. MLabs has a proven track record, employs more than 90 people worldwide and are among the largest contributors for IOG.


JayBee is a leading compliance advisory company in the fintech and distributed ledger technology/crypto area and confidently partners with clients to provide clarity and guidance in managing regulatory compliance and risk.
By participating in the Genius X Accelerator, projects will be able to focus on building their products and communities without having to worry about navigating the complex regulatory world alone.


Syncresis is a thought leadership and content strategy firm focused exclusively on financial innovators. This advisory relationship, led by Syncresis Managing Partner Christopher G. Fox, PhD, will support the Genius X mission of helping startups attain speed, scale, and edge. Genius X provides technical, legal, marketing, and financial support for ambitious projects seeking to leverage Cardano’s strengths.


Numarics is a Swiss-based provider of professional accounting and trustee services for startups and medium-sized businesses. Numarics offers businesses and partners a proprietary business operating system tool, making process execution faster and more efficient. The platform also incorporates artificial intelligence, which automates, among other processes, accounting, payroll, and taxation.


LEXR is a leading European legal advisor. Their team of experienced advisors are delivering tailored legal services for businesses mainly in technology, blockchain, and fintech. Their offerings include assisting businesses during financing rounds, contract management, new product launch, data and privacy law compliance, and provision of general expert legal services, customized to fit their clients needs.