Launchpad Features

1. Secure

The Token sale and distribution are handled by an audited smart contract and API, making the Genius X Launchpad the most secure and reliable token distribution service on Cardano.

2. Regulatory Compliant

Genius X aims to be future-proof and our launchpad has been designed to be regulatory compliant by processing KYC, KYB, and KYT.

KYC (Know-Your-Customer) & KYB (Know-Your-Brand)

The Genius X Launchpad will require investors to submit their personal information as part of Know-Your-Customer (KYC) & Know-Your-Brand (KYB) compliance. We are being extremely careful to adhere to regulatory compliance.
The Genius X Launchpad is using Sumsub, a trusted third part app to process the KYC/KYB applications.
Sumsub is a world class industry leader all-in-one verification platform designed to catch fraudsters and aid businesses in meeting compliance regulations worldwide.
ID document verification is intended to prevent the following issues:
  • Forgery
  • Data tampering
  • Photo replacement
  • Fraud
  • Using document printouts
  • Other manipulation

KYT (Know Your Transaction)

Each wallet that takes part in a sale on the Genius X Launchpad will be verified as part of the Anti Money Laundering wallet screening. Chainanalysis, an industry leader trusted by government agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, insurance and cybersecurity companies, will be processing the KYT request.

3. Orderbook Model

The launchpad has been designed to make the most of the eUTxO design, and therefore uses an order book styled architecture that leverages parallel processing of local transactions to avoid common blockchain bottlenecks for faster processing and an enhanced user experience.


Thanks to the orderbook model, the launchpad has a unique feature: it allows for oversubscription for a sale. If participants buy more than the total supply allocated to the public sale, everyone that took part in the sale will get at least the minimum allocation plus a percentage of the tokens they ordered, and will be refunded any remaining amount in ADA.