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The Launchpad

The Genius X Launchpad is a KYC-regulated, smart-contract based token sale platform on Cardano. The Genius X Launchpad is one of the many services offered by Genius X allowing, projects to conduct early token sales, as a crowd-funding and token distribution mechanism.

For Projects

The Genius X Launchpad will provide projects with the opportunity to receive crowd-funding without having to execute the marketing and procedures associated with traditional venture capital.
The launchpad also simplifies the distribution of project tokens, providing a single entity for the project to transact with.

For Investors

Investors will be able to easily take advantage of investment opportunities in the vetted projects participating in the Genius X Accelerator platform. By providing support for legal structures, the Genius X Launchpad is democratizing venture capital and making it accessible to those who would otherwise not have the opportunity.
Some people might be restricted from participating to certain sales regarding their jurisdiction. We will provide a list of excluded countries for every sales conducted on the Genius X Launchpad.
The Genius X Launchpad is open to anyone with a compatible Cardano wallet.