Multi-Token ISPO Bonus Reward Program

Genius X and the 5 projects from the Multi-Token ISPO wanted to reward their loyal long-term supporters. On top of regular ISPO rewards, delegators can get additional rewards by qualifying for our Bonus Reward Program. Please discover the eligibilities requirements below.
To be eligible for the Bonus Reward Program you must stake at least 21 epochs in the Multi-Token ISPO with a minimum of 500 ADA
Eligible delegators will earn bonus rewards, proportionally to their ADA stake! Here are the amount of tokens allocated to the Multi-Token ISPO Bonus Reward Program:
Amount of tokens allocated for the Bonus Reward Program
Smart Places
300,000,000 $SMART
27,600,000 $LTY
Reach Metaverse
5,550,000 $REACH
Outlaw's Brawl
100,000 $HYN
Drunken Dragon
20,000,000 $DG
Bonus rewards will be added after conclusion of the ISPO, when eligibility has been confirmed, and will follow the same vesting schedule as regular Multi-token ISPO Rewards.