ISPO Participation and $GENSX Rewards

The ISPO leverages Cardano’s native stake pool infrastructure and delegation mechanism to enable a fair public token launch.
The more $ADA you delegate and the longer you delegate to the ISPO, the more you will earn $GENSX tokens.

ISPO Participation Requirements

To participate in the ISPO you will need to:


The easiest way to buy ADA is through a centralized exchange. Exchanges available to you will vary based on the country you live in. Below is a list of some of the bigger exchanges.
Please verify that the exchange you are using is allowed in your country (or state for US residents).

Create a Cardano wallet and transfer your ADA

Current popular Cardano wallets are Yoroi and Daedalus

Delegate to a Genius X's ISPO stake pool

  1. 1.
    Open your Yoroi wallet (mobile or browser app) and select Delegation List
  2. 2.
    In the search bar type: GENS
  3. 3.
    Pick from one of the Genius X pools below and click DELEGATE
GENS4 is deactivated and GENS5 is a fake pool. Don't delegate to them! You won't earn any rewards.
Genius X ISPO will use the same ISPO pools as Genius Yield. You don't have to do anything to start accumulating rewards for the Genius X ISPO if you are already delegated to the Genius Yield ISPO.
We use live stake for the calculation of the $GENSX rewards, if you want to start accumulating $GENSX rewards on the first snapshot at epoch 339 you should delegate at least on or during epoch 338.
Pool Ticker
100% $GENSX rewards
Active - rewards starts accumulating on Epoch 339
50% $GENSX rewards 50% $IAG rewards
Active - rewards starts accumulating on Epoch 339
100% $GENSX rewards
Active - rewards starts accumulating on Epoch 339
100% $GENSX rewards
Active - rewards starts accumulating on Epoch 339
Genius X is proud to announce its partnership with IagonIagon, part of the Genius X accelerator program aims to revolutionize the cloud by developing a Web3 storage platform and a processing platform where anyone can profit from shared resources.
Genius X and Iagon will distribute their tokens into the GENS2 pool for the entire Genius X ISPO through the GENS2 ISPO pool. GENS2 will be a 50% $GENSX / 50% $IAG pool.
In GENS2, delegators will earn 50% of the $GENSX rewards they would have earned in a 100% $GENSX rewards pool and 50% of the $IAG rewards they would have earned in the Iagon ISPO 100% pool. The $IAG token rewards will follow the Iagon ISPO (started April 20th, 2022) reward conversion rate. The actual conversion rate of the Iagon ISPO is 0.02 $IAG / $ADA / Epoch. Therefore, for a 50% pool, delegators will receive 0.01 $IAG / $ADA / Epoch. To celebrate this partnership, Iagon will add a 2M bonus $IAG tokens for GENS2 delegators. Each Epoch an additional 80.000 $IAG tokens will be rewarded proportionally for all GENS2 delegators.
$IAG tokens from the Genius X ISPO will follow the vesting period as described in Iagon’s documentation
Do not delegate to a pool with a saturated status. To check live saturation status go to and click on GENS1 / GENS2/ GENS3 or GENSX to see in-live saturation level. You will not earn $GENSX rewards by delegating to a saturated pool unless you delegated before the pool was saturated
If you delegated to a pool and it becomes saturated AFTER you have delegated to it, you're accumulating $GENSX rewards and you don't need to do anything.