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The Multi-Token ISPO

An ISPO is a community-funding method unique to Cardano. In ISPOs, users delegate their ADA to stake pools run by startups. Delegators give up their usual ~ 4–5% APY in ADA staking rewards in exchange for receiving a project’s native token. Startups use these staking rewards to fund development for their new venture. Cardano ISPOs have become one of the most egalitarian mechanisms for startups to raise funds from Cardano’s 3.5+ million community.

The World's first Multi-Token ISPO

Raising the bar higher for ISPOs, Genius X is proud to introduce the world’s first multi-token ISPO for selected startups in the Genius X Accelerator Program. For the Cardano community, many delegators are interested in getting the tokens of various projects building on Cardano. The Genius X Multi-Token ISPO is an answer to that and gives the community access to multiple projects simultaneously. Delegators will get tokens from five projects by delegating their ADA to the Genius X Multi-Token ISPO.

ISPO Basics

Total $SMART rewards Total $LTY rewards Total $HYN rewards Total $REACH rewards Total $DG rewards
900.000.000 82.800.000 300.000 16.650.000 60.000.000
Multi-Token ISPO launch
September 12th, 2022 (epoch 363, first snapshot at epoch 364)
Multi-Token ISPO ends
January 15th, 2023 (epoch 388)
25 epochs

Multi-Token ISPO tokens release

10% of each token rewards will be claimable immediately after their Token Generation Event (TGE). After each TGE, there will be a 3 months lock-up followed by tokens being delivered through a 12 months linear vesting. Therefore since all TGE dates will be different, the releasing schedule will be different for each project but tokens will be claimable all at once on a single transaction.
Startups are expected to all have their TGE before May 23rd, 2023.
We recommend delegators to use a Dapp Connector compatible wallet. Rewards will be claimable through a token distribution tool.

Genius X partners with Maestro for the Multi-Token ISPO

Genius X has decided to maintained its succesfull partnership with MAESTRO to operate the Multi-Token ISPO staking pools. Their team of experienced engineers have become experts in managing an ISPO. We look forward to collaborating with them!