The Investors

Without the necessary liquidity to pay staff and access resources, a project is forced to bootstrap their way to success. Many startups fail not for lack of a good vision, but simply because their money runs out.
Genius X offers tried and true methods of fundraising through the Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) method, a strong network of investors for private raises and token sales in the Genius X launchpad.


The ISPO model of fundraising is unique to the Cardano ecosystem and is one example of the economic advantages Cardano provides.
Pioneered by a handful of projects in 2021, including Genius Yield, projects utilizing the ISPO model have attracted billions of dollars worth of Ada delegations from the community. The ISPO model brings many advantages, not least of which is the community support it attracts over the ISPO timeframe. This is yet another way in which the Cardano ecosystem shows its strength as a startup environment.
For projects where an ISPO model of fundraising makes sense, Genius X will provide the expertise garnered through the Genius Yield ISPO as well as analyzing the dozens of other ISPOs that have already been completed on Cardano.

Private Fundraising Rounds

Through a vast network of both crypto and traditional investors, Genius X connects startups with relevant venture capitalists, making sure to align visions between investors and projects.
Accredited investors can reach out to our investor relations manager by filling this form


Initial DEX Offerings, or IDOs, have become another common method for blockchain startups to raise funds. These can often be quite difficult to coordinate for both investors and the projects that are raising funds.
The Genius X Launchpad will offer a simple and intuitive way for investors to provide the funds to the Accelerator projects without the typical complexity that IDOs present.