About Genius X
Who We Are
Genius X is a revolutionary business accelerator program backed by the world-class Genius Labs team responsible for Genius Yield, an innovative decentralized exchange built on Cardano. Genius X fosters innovation on the Cardano network and Web3 that empowers protocols to build impactful and scalable blockchain-based companies that will have a massive impact around the world.
We have the capacity to support dozens of companies every year through our Pre-Seed Accelerator, our Genius X Core Accelerator program, our Cardano scale and fundraising programs.
Genius X, thanks to the support of the Cardano community, has built a team of experts, mentors and project managers from Switzerland to Silicon Valley with decades of experience building companies. We incubate, accelerate and scale incredible projects on Cardano and Web3 through our advisory, mentor, and growth experiences. Pairing these fundamentals with direction on tokenomics, crypto and blockchain, with the backing of Genius Yield, creates a synergistic powerhouse for fostering development.
If you wish to apply to any of the Genius X Programs, you can do so here.
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