Genius X Documentation v1

Genius X NFT Reward Program

The Genius X NFT will be rewarded to long-term $GENSX stakers. Once a time-based milestone is reached, they will have the opportunity to mint a more powerful NFT. $GENSX stakers must stake a minimum of 2500 $GENSX tokens (Mars tier) in the Genius X staking center to be eligible for the NFT reward program. The Genius X NFTs will grant a weighting booster on the "Accelerator reward pools".
There is two way to earn a Genius X NFT:
  • By being an early supporter through our ISPO NFT bonus program. You can find the details about it here.
  • Though $GENSX staking once the platform is live. You can find the details below
NFT tier
Time-based requirements
Accelerator pool weighting booster
4 months of staking
8 months of staking
12 months of staking
Those Genius X NFTs are the SAME rewarded in our ISPO as a bonus. Meaning that by being an early participant to our ISPO you can unlock the higher NFT tier and its utility without any time limit!
Genius X NFTs are not cumulative; if a $GENSX staker already owns another NFT, only the utility from the most powerful NFT will be active.
NFT utilities will be tied to the wallet eligible for the NFT in order to prevent the gamification of the NFT program.
Genius X NFTs utilities have no time limit.

Galaxy NFT

The Galaxy NFT will be a very rare NFT, which can be won through a lottery system. 4 times per year, 10 wallets will be drawn at random among the $GENSX stakers eligible for a tier and winners will be able to claim a Galaxy NFT.
NFT tier
Accelerator pool weighting booster
lottery amongst $GENSX stakers
Galaxy NFT bonuses are cumulative with another Genius X NFT such as Vesta, Comet or Titan.
Galaxy NFT bonuses do not stack- only one can apply at a time.
Galaxy NFTs utility is not tied to the wallet and a 20% royalty fee is applied on the secondary market.