The Opportunity

There is a unique opportunity with the synergies that exist between the GeniusX program and the Genius Yield platform.
First, projects launching through the Genius X Accelerator program and launchpad will have immediate liquidity available on the Genius Yield DEX allowing the tokens to be traded straight after launch. This will allow investors that might not have been able to participate in the launchpad activities to be able to secure positions at an early stage, with the potential also for projects to offer early liquidity reward programs.
Projects launching through the program can rely on the fact that their token will be immediately available on an industry leading DEX with exposure to a wide range of investors, traders and customers.
These projects will also benefit from support of the Genius Yield platform and its strategic partnerships. New tokens can benefit from promotion of their exchange listing through established Genius Yield social channels, advertising on the platform, and rapidly reach a wide and engaged audience.