The Ecosystem

Genius Yield aims to be an all-in-one Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem on Cardano. The primary goal is to make DeFi easy for everyone by providing a platform that has a simple user interface built on top of powerful backend functionality.
The platform is composed of two layers: the Genius DEX and the Smart Liquidity Vault.

Decentralized Exchange

The Genius DEX (Decentralized Exchange) is an order-book based concentrated liquidity DEX purpose built from the ground up for Cardano’s Extended Unspent Transaction Output (EUTxO) based smart contract ledger. The DEX will feature a range of order types from sophisticated trading functionalities found in traditional exchanges (Limit Orders) to Dynamic Orders, and Algorithmic Orders. It will use concentrated liquidity positions so market makers can earn more rewards with less capital investment and incur no impermanent loss.

Automated Yield Optimizer

The Smart Liquidity Vault is an AI powered Smart Liquidity Management protocol which will sit as a layer on top of the Genius DEX. It will allow users to deposit tokens, select and customize a liquidity management strategy, and relax while the strategy goes to work earning yield. It's an automated yield optimizer designed to maximize users’ APYs while minimizing risk exposure.